Find the charm of a slow journey in nature and let us take you on a memorable hike in Kuusamo!

At Tailored Adventures we will book you an adventure with a professional guide and provide you equipment for your hike if necessary. Our available equipment includes backpacks and tents, should you wish to camp overnight in nature. A experienced guide may also host smaller groups and take care of transport and meals according to your wishes.

Experience hiking in Oulanka National Park, along the famous Bear Trail

Oulanka National Park offers countles opportunities to enjoy nature through hiking on foot and seeing the most spectacular views that our wilderness has to offer. Choose an adventure from our programs or ask our guides for recommendations.

On a guided hike you will experience nature to its fullest. Our guide will show you the most beautiful sights of Kuusamo and tell you stories to become part of a Finnish way of sensing and living close to nature.

See the great white rapids of Jyrävä, voted the most beautiful nature destination in Finland

The opportunities to experience nature are plenty.

Let us take you to experience the roar of Jyrävä, the great white rapids that was recently voted as one of the most beautiful nature destinations in Finland, or experience the stunning scenery all across Ruka-Kuusamo from the top of Konttainen fell.

A hike to Oulanka National Park, will show you why the nature of Kuusamo is as amazing as they say. From the rugged canyons to deep flowing rapids, the rich calcareous soil that is a splendid growing platform for rare flowers and the many birds, wild animals and the overall amazing flora and fauna.

Join our hikes to let you experience these local and natural sights!

Book a tour and enjoy nature with us