Our crown jewel, Seita Forest Spa, is a fantastic visionary product of Jokke Kämäräinen, the father of Rukapalvelu. There three different saunas pamper the soul and body, respecting our ancient sauna tradition.

The traditional wood heated Finnish sauna with its high benches and loungers, is a familiar and safe start for taking a sauna. After finishing and preheating, it is time to jump into the smoke sauna to recharge from the gentle warmth of the masonry stone stove in the smell of smoke.

When taking a sauna, we recommend a little cooling off in the outdoor pool. The sounds of the forest and the sounds of sauna are also great to listen to on the spa terrace. After cooling off, it is worth diving into the steam sauna decorated with the ground stones from the Kuusamo rapids. Sometimes it is good to take care of liquid refueling, after which we recommend returning to the sauna that was nearest to your heart.


A thousand stories could be told about the Forest Spa and Seita and also great pictures can be shown, but the special nature and relaxing magical atmosphere of these places can only be forwarded through experience.

For sauna and dinner packages, it is possible to arrange pick-up and drop-off to your accommodation, as well as other programs and treatments. Dinner is prepared by our Restaurant Zone kitchen staff.

Forest Spa Sauna always includes towels, togas, water as a sauna drink, as well as detergents and the services of a sauna host.

For more information on sauna programs and dinner options, please contact our customer service at or call 08 860 8600 Mon-Sat from 9 am to 5 pm. Off season, there may be exceptions to customer service opening hours, but we will respond to emails within a few days.


Welcome to have amazing experiences with us – together!