The reservation is binding on both parties when the seller has confirmed the reservation in writing.


Payment of the reservation:

  • An advance payment of 30% of the accommodation price is charged when the reservation is made.
  • The final payment for the accommodation is due 28 days before the start of the reservation.
  • If the reservation is made less than 28 days before the start of the accommodation, the full price of the accommodation will be charged.
  • The booker must be of legal age. The person booking a room for a minor is responsible for the reservation and the persons staying in the room/apartment.

Cancellation terms:

Changes and cancellations concerning part or all of the already booked rooms/apartments are possible as follows:

• We charge €46 for all cancellations as processing costs.

• We will refund the remaining part of the 30 % advance payment if the cancellation takes place no later than 28 days before the start of the accommodation.

• For cancellations that take place later than 28 days before the start of the accommodation, we withhold/charge a 30% advance payment.

• If the cancellation occurs later than 21 days before the start of the accommodation, we will charge 100% of the value of the reservation.

• Ignoring the payment of the invoice shall not be regarded as a valid measure for cancelling a reservation.  If the invoice has not been paid despite the payment reminder(s), we will transfer the collection of the invoice to a debt collection agency and the customer is also obliged to settle the costs arising from the collection.

Cancellation of the reservation must always be done in by email to the seller.


• Rukapalvelu does not charge cancellation fees in the event of a customer’s serious illness, accident or death of a loved one. In cases of illness, a doctor’s certificate must be presented, in which case we will charge both €46 processing costs for the cancellation and, if the accommodation is interrupted, the costs incurred for the already used accommodation.

We reserve the right to change prices.


Wedding parties, dinners and other festive events


The final, binding number of people for dinners and events, as well as food restrictions, will be announced no later than 14 days before the event, so that we can guarantee the availability of high-quality ingredients.

The per person price of the reservation includes consideration of food allergies, food and catering. The price does not include additional programs and experiences or alcoholic beverages, unless otherwise agreed. Alcoholic drinks are billed according to consumption.

Tailored Adventures Rukapalvelu’s wilderness restaurants are private restaurants with A-licences. Because of this, it is not allowed to bring your own drinks or food.

Terms of payment:

The reservation of the party room is confirmed by paying 30% of the total amount of the event. The final invoice is due 7 days before the event. The notice period is 14 days and the late payment interest is 11%.



The offer given by Rukapalvelu Oy is valid for two (2) weeks from the date, unless otherwise stated. Reservations are requested to be confirmed by email to Rukapalvelu Oy’s sales office. The confirmation must state the selected program, date and number of participants. Menu and drink choices, as well as special diets, must be announced no later than 7 days before the program.

All prices include VAT. Alcohol and soft drinks are charged according to consumption. Rukapalvelu Oy reserves the right to all price and program changes before written confirmation of the program.

A reduction in the number of people made at least four (4) days before the start of the program will be taken into account in the invoicing. Rukapalvelu Oy reserves the right to change the course, duration or route of all its programs if necessary. If the customer’s health condition changes during the program or if the customer’s behavior endangers himself or other participants, Rukapalvelu Oy reserves the right to interrupt the program. Rukapalvelu Oy has liability insurance in its programs. If the customer causes damage to Rukapalvelu’s equipment or devices, Rukapalvelu has the right to charge a deductible of 1000 euros.

Terms of payment:

The due date of the payment is the start date of the program and the payment must be made when the program starts. Acceptable payment methods are cash, debit card, the most common credit cards and, if agreed, invoicing.

Tour operators and groups

The reservation is considered confirmed when Rukapalvelu Oy has confirmed it in writing.

Accommodation and program packages must be confirmed no later than 45 days before the start of the accommodation/program. We invoice the services after confirmation.

In group bookings, Rukapalvelu charges 30% of the services according to the confirmed program with an advance invoice upon confirmation. The due date of the final invoice is the start date of the program and the invoice must be paid at the start date of the program

We reserve the right to use different payment terms, which are negotiated separately in each case.

Cancellation conditions for party events, program services and experiences:

  • 28 – 22 days before the event/program/trip: we charge 30% of the total value of the reservation
  • 21 – 0 days before the event/program/trip: we charge 100% of the total value of the reservation

In addition, any costs that may have already been incurred will be charged as cancellation costs.

Cancellation of the reservation must be made in writing.

Travel insurance

We recommend travel insurance to our customers for possible exceptional situations and cases.

Force majeure

Rukapalvelu Ltd. is not liable for any failure to perform its obligations towards the client if such failure is due to war, strike, lock-out, industrial action, fire, flood, drought, tempest, sub-contractor’s bankruptcy or other event beyond the reasonable control of either party. This applies also to subcontractors of Rukapalvelu. If client’s trip is cancelled due to Force Majeure, Rukapalvelu Ltd. has the right to charge client for realized costs of cancellation