Responsibility, authenticity, locality, environmental friendliness and customer care are the values that guide our operations. Our company’s history stretches back more than 35 years, and since the beginning, our work has been based on genuine passion and joy. We believe that the best things are experienced close to nature, in the wonderful landscapes of Kuusamo.

It is important for us to be a company that takes good care of its environment, customers, staff and partners. In our operations, we take into account and respect the local residents and the special characteristics of the area.

We want to develop our operations in the long term. We have been granted Sustainable Travel Finland label as a recognition of valuable and long-term work for sustainable tourism and we are Green Activities certified company!

Green activities is an eco-label for outdoor service providers in travel and it’s awarded to companies that fulfil a list of environmental requirements. Obtaining Green Activities demonstrates the company’s efforts to develope environmentally friendly, sustainable and responsible services.

We cooperate with National Parks in the area and have a cooperation agreement with Metsähallitus. We follow the principles of sustainable nature tourism.


Nature is our amusement park, where certain principles and rules have to be followed when moving around. Respect nature, favour marked paths, do not litter and check the rules of camping and making fires. Everyone’s rights are a great concept that brings responsibilities along with freedoms. Please familiarize yourself with the Outdoor Etiquette.

Sustainable tourism is developed in Ruka-Kuusamo region systematically and with a long-term plan. We hope that you will also take the principles of sustainable tourism into account on your holiday. On our regional site, you will find more information about sustainable tourism as well as practical examples and instructions for sustainable tourism.