Petäjävaara Kammi is located on the bank of Petäjälampi, in the middle of the Petäjävaara wildeness forest, a place for unforgettable experiences. We organize dinners, parties, pre-Christmas party meals and other events there all year round.

The main building of Kammi of Petäjävaara, which was chosen as the “most romantic restaurant in the world” in 2010, is partly underground. Hundreds of tealights which are lit on the bedrock that acts as a back wall, fireplace and the smell of smoke create a unique mystical atmosphere. At Kammi you can spend time with no rush in the atmosphere of the past times. The area has a very diverse fauna and flora. In winter you can see traces of a wolf and pick berries in late summer. Reindeer often visit nearby Kammi and the birds give their own concert all year round.

In the area of ​​Kammi in Petäjävaara you will find a Finnish smoke sauna, the long dining room in the main building Kammi, Pikku-Kammi, a large shed by the open fire, authentic accommodation for those who are thirsty for experience and a private beach with fishing and ice hole swimming opportunities.

Kammi’s yard is a great environment for organizing a wide range of programs, learning wildlife skills and other year-round experiences.

In Kammi there has been unforgettable parties and other events with dining, sauna and playful programs in all seasons.