The beautiful autumn season, where nature is filled with colors ranging from yellow to red to orange, or “ruska” as we call it, begins in autumn and lasts until late September. Nature slowly prepares to drift from a summer filled with light towards a white and magical winter.

But in between comes this great season filled with colors. Did you know, that you can see the first Northern lights as the nights begin to darken already in August?

Book your mini vacation and enjoy the awesome autumn in Ruka-Kuusamo

Adventure and accommodation packages for the Autumn season in Ruka

It couldn’t be any easier than this to book your holiday in Ruka! Get to now the options below that we’ve gathered for you and give us a call for more information. A relaxing visit for a day or a few in Kuusamo will charge your batteries for the coming winter.

Come and enjoy nature’s color therapy and witness the first Northern lights of the season.