Drift away in the gentle-flowing rapids – even in -30°C! Dressed in floating suites, lifejackets and helmets, the icy water won’t get you wet.

In the freezing weather and snow-covered shores, make your way to the open rapids and go with the stream! Equipped with floatation suites, life vests and helmets, you can enjoy the exciting event in full! Floating 2 x 15min. Hot drinks are served before returning to Ruka by car. Minimum height 160 cm required.

Sample programme: Floating in the Rapids and Sauna Bus. Pull on a floating suites, life vests and helmets and let the gentle flow of the rapids take you along. Snacks by the campfire. Then it is time to relax in the Sauna Bus and enjoy beautiful landscapes on the way back to Ruka. 

Price: 89 €/person without Sauna Bus (incl. warm drink)