Join us on a frosty adventure from the Safarihouse towards the glad bustle at the husky farm. When you arrive, the dogs are already eager to tget on a sled ride through to snowy wilderness terrain. The dogs will bark and yelp before setting off, but quiet down to enjoy the pace when they get to run and pull the sled with the team. After a short lesson you will be ready to rein the sled pulled by the dogs. The adventure through the snow-covered landscape may begin!

The Siberian Huskys are the fastest purebred arctic sled dogs there are! While pulling the sled these beautiful arctic huskys offer a ride to remember!

You can reach the husky fram from our Safarihouse either by snowmobile or by a car ride. Taking off on a “night safari” with headlamps can be added to the program to reach an adventurous atmosphere.

We can also separately tailor an unforgettable experience for groups. After the husky ride our ambient wilderness camp offers an opportunity for bathing in a traditional Finnish smoke sauna and the evening is definitely finished by style through enjoying a three course menu in candlelight.

Adventure awaits!