Weddings, birthdays, special events

Whether it is a birthday, anniversary or another special event you want to remember forever, we will make it happen! Each of our wilderness lodge and venue has its own character. Menus and programmes are chosen according to your wishes. Ruka has the perfect backdrop for your special day! Wether you want to celebrate in the snow covered forests or under the midnight sun, we have the suitable venues and catering. Our experienced sales staff helps you with everything you need.

Example programme: Wilderness Wedding

This wedding's dress code is thermal! Everyone receives a warm winter clothing and guests are transported to a local husky farm! After a lesson on how to handle the dog team, guests are off on a 10 km husky adventure through the snow covered forests. The adventure ends in the middle of wilderness, at a candle lit wilderness lodge where the bride and groom are already waiting. The wedding ceremony can be held outside surrounded by pure white snow. Our wilderness chefs prepare a delicious meal and guests can even relax in the traditional Finnish sauna! The contrast between the cold of the snow and ice with the warmth of the fire place and dozens of candles make an unforgettable backdrop for your special day.

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