Pohjanseita Wilderness Lodge

At welcoming resort Pohjanseita, you make an instant leap from the world of airports to the mysticism of the Kuusamo wild.

Located close to the airport, Pohjanseita wilderness lodge is a perfect location to leave the hectic life behind and sink into the wilderness of the north. The venue has seatings up to 140 people, but the cozy atmosphere makes it suitable for smaller groups as well. Take part of our public dinner evenings or plan your own private event. Pohjanseita can be used in larger meetings and conferences as it has meeting equipments such as a white screen and a data projector. It is suitable for weddings where there is a band playing since it is also possible to have a sound system. The main building can also be used for yoga or other indoor group activities. Catering service can be booked through us, whether you would like to introduce your guests into the world of Finnish wild food or have a light snack or a coffee set. 

Pohjanseita Forest Spa Tailored Adventures Rukapalvelu Kuusamo Finland

At the Pohjanseita -area there is also Seita Forest spa; one of the hidden gems of Kuusamo.  Discover an elemental aspect of the Finnish culture in warmth of a herbal sauna, gentle bath of a smoke sauna or in a traditional sauna. To maximize the relaxation, dip in the freezing cold water or make a snow angel after bathing in Sauna and feel the blood running in your veins and the muscles release tension! After spending time in the hot and cold, it is recommended to cool down and rest the body in a normal room temperature to stabilize the blood flow and heart rate. Enjoy a hot cup of berry juice by the fireplace or treat yourselves with other refreshments from the bar! Men, women and children can all enjoy the sauna together as everyone is given a linen toga. 

Dinners, treatments and other services can be included in private events! Three saunas fit up to 50 people in the same time and in the sauna cabinet there are seats for 25 people.