Kammi Wilderness Lodge

Situated by the Petäjälampi pond in the middle of the Petäjävaara forest, Kammi is the perfect venue for events, get togethers and dinner parties you will remember for life. 

Kammi wilderness lodge has been called “the most romantic restaurant in the world” with a reason! The main building is build partially underground and the back façade is rock. Hundreds of candles, crackling hearth and rising smoke will surely awaken the sense of the mystical in you. Enjoy a delicious three course wild food dinner in the candlelight prepared by our wilderness cheff. 

The evening can continue in a traditional smoke sauna, where the gentle heat flushes all the worries away. The brave ones have a chance to dip in a freezing cold water in a hole made on ice, and be surprized that agains all the expectations, it is actually a warm experience! 

At Kammi you will also find an adjacent cabin that accommodates 40 people, as well as a  tent sauna, and a lean-to that lets you spend the night beneath the stars. Let us make your visit an experience of a lifetime!