Safarihouse Apartments

The Safari House Apartments consists of five fully furnished rental apartments that come with all the amenities you may need.

Each two-story apartment covers 90 m2 of floor space and features a cosy living room, kitchenette with cooking plates and sauna. Each of these sizeable apartments has four bedrooms for two, and downstairs there is sleeping space for two additional people. The balconies open up to the beauty of Ruka’s nature.

Apartments next to each other can be joined together should you need to do so – producing 180 m2 of space that can be used for meetings or training sessions, for example. Naturally, we will provide you with all the office tools you may need.

We can also organise meals for you (breakfast, conference meals, evening snacks, and full dinners) in your apartment.
It is possible to book light breakfast in advance from Safarihouse at the price of 10,50€/person. The breakfast is served in Restaurant Zone Mon-Sat at 8.00-10.00 and Sun 9.00-11.00.