Weekly Program Winter

  • Minimum group size is 4 adults/safari if not mentioned otherwise
  • Children under 4 years free of charge.
  • All safaris begin and end at Rukapalvelu's Safarihouse.
  • Registration for activity by 4 pm on the day before departure +358 10 2710 500 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

koskik4Floating in the Rapids

Mon-Sat at 1pm (2,5 hours)

In the freezing weather and snow-covered shores, make your way to the open rapids and go with the stream! Equipped with floatation suites, life vests and
helmets, you can enjoy the exciting event in full! Floating 2 x 15 min. Hot drinks are served before returning to Ruka by car. Minimum height of 150cm is required.
89 €/person

kelkkajonoSnowmobile Safari

Mon-Sat at 2pm (2 hours)

Enjoy a thrilling snowmobile ride over Ruka’s varied terrain! This safari is suitable for beginners. Length 20km, time depends on drivers’ skills.
Price: 114 €/person (1 person on snowmobile), 89 €/person (2 persons on snowmobile), 69 €/children under 12 years

mk 800x480Snowmobile Safari to a Campfire

Mon-Sat at 9am (3 hours)

Combine snowmobiling in beautiful nature and a picnic lunch surrounded by snow! A wilderness campfire site is reached by snowmobiles. Guide prepares coffee and tea over the fire and you can fry sausages and have sandwiches. Return to Ruka by snowmobiles.
Price: 139 €/person (1 person on snowmobile), 109 €/person (2 persons on snowmobile), 69 €/children under 12 years

Aurora borealisExperience the Northern Lights

Mon, Wed and Fri at 8pm (2 hours)

Unforgettable evening snowmobile safari in an enchanting blue twilit forest. On the clear sky, you can admire thousands of stars and if you are lucky you might also admire breathtaking Northern lights. 
Price: 135 €/person (1 person on snowmobile) 104 €/person (2 persons on snowmobile) 
Hunting the Northern Lights by car (trip duration 2 hours), inc. coffee and hot juice. 79 €/person, 49 €/children under 12 years

ice fishing800x480Ice Fishing on the Frozen Lake

Mon-Sat at 9:30am (3 hours)

The nearby fishing spot is reached by car. The guide shows you how to make a hole in the ice and teaches you everything about ice fishing. Enjoy a fried sausage, coffee and local bread by the campfire before returning to Ruka.
Price: 75 €/person, 49 €/children under 12 years

huskyt4Snowmobile Safari to Husky Farm

(3,5 hours)

Enjoy an arctic adventure with snowmobiles and a husky ride! Dogs will take you for a 5km safari through the beautiful winter landscape. Coffee/tea with a sweet bun is enjoyed before returning to Ruka by snowmobiles. 
Price: 225 €/person (1 person on snowmobile), 205 €/person (2 persons on snowmobile), 169 €/children under 12 years
Transfer by car instead of snowmobiles (duration approx..2hrs) 145 €/person, 114 €/child
Availability: +358 10 2710 500 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

poro2Snowmobile Safari to Meet the Reindeer

Tue, Wed, Fri at 12.30pm, 3 hours 

Take a snowmobile safari to meet a local reindeer herder and his reindeer. Now you have a chance to ride in a real reindeer sleigh for 300 m. Afterwards coffee and sweet pastry are enjoyed before returning to Ruka by snowmobiles. 
Price 129 €/person (1 person on snowmobile), 109 €/person (2 persons on snowmobile), 89 €/children under 12 years.
Transfer by car instead of snowmobiles (at 13.30) 84 €/person, 69 €/child

rekib800x480A Starlit Sleigh Adventure in Ruka

Mon-Thu, Sat at 7pm (2 hours)

An unforgettable nightfall safari to a wilderness campsite. Sitting in the sleigh you can concentrate on admiring the starry sky and the peaceful winter night. Enjoy a fried sausage together with coffee or hot juice by the glowing campfire before returning to Ruka.
Price: 69 €/person, 35 €/children under 12 years

lumikengat2Snowshoe Hike on Ruka Fell

Tue, Thu and Sat at 11am (2 hours)

This enjoyable excursion to the fell starts with a trip up on the ski line. The wintry scenery that opens up from the top is magnificent. After admiring the landscape, you will descend slowly through the frozen forest. We take a break to enjoy some hot juice.
Price: 55 €/person

The Inspection of the Eastern Border

Mon-Sat at 9:30am (5-6 hours)

Snowmobile safari towards the east close to the Russian border. Includes packed lunch. Safari is suitable for adults.
279 €/person (1 person on snowmobile)


  •  The minimum height for snowmobile safaris is 140cm. The person driving a snowmobile must possess a valid driver’s license.
  • Equipment: for each safari guests receive thermal overalls, wool socks, boots and gloves, and for snowmobiling helmets and balaclavas.
  • All safaris start and end from Safarihouse and include guiding, equipment and liability insurance unless mentioned otherwise.
  • Personal travel insurance is recommended.

Rukapalvelu Ltd. reserves the right to change the duration or routing of all its excursions and prices if necessary. In case of snowmobile or quad bike accidents, a self-liability payment of 1000 €/accident is charged. This payment must be made on the spot and cannot be invoiced afterwards. Everyone snowmobiling must have a valid driver’s license with them and is subject to a breathalyzer test before snowmobiling: driving under the influence of alcohol is forbidden.