Wellbeing in Wilderness

Lately, in the world where cultures seem separated by individualistic values, a new feeling of belonging has risen: the feeling of belonging to the family of indigenous peoples of the North. The essence of our souls is best found by travelling where we expect to find the edge of the world. Face to face with societies and countries that question our everyday assumptions and prejudices, it is possible to realize the importance of other people as well as the truth inside ourselves.

Our Nature&Culture programmes take you to the magical realm of the northern nature, where East meets West and South meets North, and age-old cultures are combined with the ancient elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth. The traditions of Finnish, Sámi, Karelian and Russian cultures are still alive in Kuusamo and Viena Karelia. We invite you to enjoy the essntial building blocks of Finnish wellbeing: clean air and water, wild lakes, rivers and forests, relaxation in the midst of the peace and tranquility of our wonderful nature. We bring visitors to the wilderness, to the true source of spiritual well-being. The components built in our programmes are the northern way of like, folklore, the light and mythology of the North, shamans, folk medicine, bears, natural sources of livelihood, wilderness activities and the Oulanka-Paanajärvi transboundary national parks.

Welcome to experience northern culture in its authentic context of nature, adventure and well-being!