Wellness in the wilderness

After an eventful day, what is better than a relaxing evening in three different Saunas of Seita Forest Spa? Sauna is one of the most important traditions in Finland, and in fact there are more saunas in Finland than cars! Most of the families have their own sauna at home where to gather with friends and family or where to enjoy a quiet moment by yourself.


Kammi Smoke Sauna

 What would be more relaxing after a snowmobile safari than a smoke sauna with its gentle steam followed by a dip in a hole cut in the ice?

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Movable Sauna

Have a sauna where ever you want! The movable sauna can be transported to any location; for excample onto the top of Ruka Fell.

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Sauna Bus

Totally out of this world sauna experience in a bus. Choose your own sauna route. Enjoy the heat of the sauna and cool off in the snow banks in the winter or lake in the summer.

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Traditional Cupping

In Finland, cupping has been known already in the 15th century. The first written accounts of cupping are dated back to the mid-1600s. Cupping gives a powerful cleansing to the body as the so-called “bad blood” is removed from the patient’s system. The stimulating effects of cupping make the body release endorphin, and the treatment leaves a lasting, relaxed sense of well-being into the whole body. Hence, cupping activates the self-healing powers of the body to work for the enhancement of the patient’s health. The number of horns used is 20-30, depending on the patient.

Wilderness Safari to Kammi

Drive a snowmobile through the glistening snow to Kammi. Everything is here and now. Forget the worries of the everyday life and experience something unforgettable. 

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