Weekly Program Summer

Minimum group size on all excursions is 4 adults. All safaris begin and end at Rukapalvelu's Safarihouse. Registration for activity by 4 pm on the day before departure.

monkijatQuad Bike Safari on Ruka Fell

Mon - Sat at 2 pm (1 or 2 hours)

Enjoy an adventure on quad bikes on the Ruka fell! After a short introduction on how to handle the quad bike, it is time to conquer Ruka. On the way you will see beautiful sceneries and enjoy some refreshments or snacks.
Minimum age 15 years.

Price:1 h excursion  €49/person
         2 h excursion €74/person (incl. snack)

Extreme Quad Bike safari in Petäjävaara

Mon - Sat at 10 am (3 hours)

True adventure in the forest of Petäjävaara. Transfer from Safarihouse to Petäjävaara where you get to test your skills in different surroundings. Funny moments guaranteed! Freshly brewed coffee, sandwiches, and sausages roasted on the campfire are enjoyed. Minimum age 15 years.

Price: €119/person (incl. snack)

koskenlasku perheSeven Rapids Adventure on River Kitka

Mon - Sat at 10 am (3,5 hours)

Enjoy an unforgettable adventure on River Kitka! The excursion begins at SafarHouse where everyone receives the needed equipment. Car transfer to village of Käylä from where the professional skipper leads you to the secrets of river rafting and a mighty adventure! On the 13 km route we paddle through seven rapids. On the way we stop to plan the best routes through the rapids. The adventure ends in Pohjantähti wilderness logde where we enjoy freshly brewed coffee and sandwiches on the campfire. You can also roast sausages. Finally you can dip in the lake for a swim!
Minimum age 5 years. 

Price: €55/person (incl. snack)

koskenlaskuRiver Rafting to the Russian Border

Mon - Sat at 10 am (6,5 hours)

Experience the grand rapids and sceneries of Kuusamo! After receiving equipment at the SafariHouse, car transfer to village of Juuma, the starting point of the adventure. The route takes you through the largest rapids; Niskakoski, Myllykoski and the mother of all rapids: 900 meter long Aallokkokoski. Rafts are dropped down the Jyrävä waterfall and the impressive fall is passed by foot. Freshly brewed coffee, sandwiches and sausages roasted on the campfire are enjoyed below the waterfall. The journey continues on long rapids and still waters all the way to the Russian border. Car transfer back to Ruka. 
Minimum age 18 years on Myllykoski and Aallokkokoski rapids.

Price: €88/person
Safari can also end at Jyrävä waterfall, price: 82 €/person (4 hours)

melontaGuided Canoeing in Oulanka National Park

Mon - Sat at 10 am (5 hours)

Beautiful landscapes and peaceful nature of Oulanka National Park awaits you. The sceneries from the river level are worth the effort! After receiving equipment at SafariHouse, car transfer to Oulanka. The day’s adventure starts with a tour in Oulanka Visitor Center and a short hike to Kiutaköngäs rapids. The canoeing starts below Kiutaköngäs and continues in the gently flow of the river for approx 12 km. Freshly brewed coffee and outdoor snacks are enjoyed by the campfire.

Price: €95/person (incl. snack)

Floating in the Rapids

Mon - Sat at 2 pm (2,5 hours)

Drift away in the gentle-flowing rapids. Dressed in floating suites, lifejackets and helmets, the water won't get you wet.
Make your way to the open rapids and go with the stream! Equipped with floatation suites, life vests and helmets, you can enjoy the exciting event in full! Floating 2 x 15min. Drinks are served before returning to Ruka by car.
Minimum height 160 cm required.

Price: €79/person


Trip to Kiutaköngäs in Oulanka National Park 

Mon - Sat at 10 am (3,5 hours)

The trip starts from Safarihouse with car transfer to Oulanka Visitor Centre. There you have time to explore the interesting exhibition and take a walk to the famous waterfalls of Kiutaköngäs. The distance is about 1 km (one way). At 12.15 the trip continues to our summer camp Pohjantähti by the lake Juumajärvi. There you will enjoy freshly brewed coffee and sandwiches and fry sausages by the campfire. After relaxing snack time you will have a car transfer back to Ruka village.

Minimum group size: 6 persons
Price: €69/person

Fishing trip

Mon - Sat at 10 am (4 hours)

Our guide will give you all the necessary equipment for  the fishing trip at the Safarihouse (rubber boots and fishing gear). After getting equipment, the trip continues to the nearby pond where guide teaches you how to catch fish. If you are lucky can might catch rainbow trout. The possible catch will be prepared by the campfire together with the guide. Also by the campfire we enjoy a delicious snack.
The excursion includes snack, equipment, fishing gear (you can use your own too) and guide.

Price: €89/person


Guided Samll Bear´s Trail Hiking

Sat at 10 am, 4-5 hours

The grand rapids of Kuusamo from the eyes of a hiker! Hike with a guide on the 12 km Small Bear´s Trail. On the way you will see great rapids and the mighty Jyrävä waterfall. Ther river will be crossed over on a suspension bridge.

€65 / person





Day trip to Russia Karelia

Fri at 07:00 am (13 hours)

The 140 km long border that Kuusamo has with Russia offers the travellers a straight gateway to the exotic east. Why not treat yourself or your family to an unforgettable adventure in Russia during your stay in Kuusamo? Truly an once-in-a-lifetime experience, where you can get to know the old, traditional Karelian culture, the hearty local inhabitants as well as visit the idyllic, rustic towns which once were part of Finland. We’ll make sure that you will have the ultimate border crossing experience – a trip back in time.

After checking that everyone has their passports and visas with them, departure by bus towards Kuusamo border cross-station in Suoperä. The group arrives at first to the small village of Sohjanankoski village where you will have a teatime with the local people at the cultural house. In the afternoon journey continues to Pääjärvi village where lunch is served in the local restaurant. After lunch you will visit visitor center of Paanajärvi National Park. At Pääjärvi market and Pääjärvi shop it’s possible to buy souvenirs and enrich your trip with more memories.
Arrival back at Ruka around 20.00.

Price: €269/person
Price includes: group visa, transportations, guiding and services according to the program.
Please ask more information about the visa procedure from us.

Minimum group size: 6 adults