Hiking in Kuusamo

There is plenty to experience as you explore this northern landscape - from the natural tranquillity of the forests, the thunder of rapids to the stillness of the crystal clear lakes.

Oulanka National Park covers over 270 km2 of exquisite wilderness, and there are many superb hiking possibilities over trails that vary greatly in length and difficulty. Take a day hike of 6-12 km to the best views of Bear's Trail, stay overnight on the trail or conquer the full-length bear's trail of 80 km.

Sample programme: Small Bear's Trail

The grand rapids of Kuusamo from the eyes of a hiker! Hike with a guide on the 12 km Small Bear's Trail. On the way you will see great rapids and the mighty Jyrävä waterfall. The river will be crossed over on a suspention bridge. Duration 4 hours.
Price: 69 €/person