Fishing in Russia

When in Kuusamo, why not treat yourself or your group to an unforgettable adventure across the border in Russia.

Some of the opportunities include tours of Russia’s pristine wilderness, fish-abundant rivers and lakes and trips to local towns to sample Russian life and culture.

The Pääjärvi area is great fishing and hunting territory throughout the year, and the rivers Ponoj, Varzuga, Umba Tsavanga and Strelna offer the best catches, especially of salmon, between June and July.Our Russian safaris are truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And whichever safari you might choose, we’ll make sure that you have the ultimate border crossing experience – the adventure of a lifetime. Keep in mind, however, that a visit to Russia always requires a visa.

Sample programme: Fishing Trip to Kola Peninsula

Ponoi, Varzuga and Umba - you will see the breathtaking Kola wilderness on the helicopter flight to the fabulous fishing waters! At the destination camp, the adventure continues with lure and fly fishing. Tales of the one that got away are shared in the evening sauna and during the supper around the campfire. The most enthusiastic can fish in the midnight sun. The best season on the Ponoi and Varzuga rivers is through June and July, and on Umba until end of Autumn.

Price depends on group size, length of stay and other services. Please ask for further information on obtaining a Russian visa.